A Homesick Christmas.

treeTis the season to be homesick..FaLaLaLaLaL–sob sob sob. I’ve been on the West Coast of America for five weeks now and I’ve discovered that nothing can make a person long for home more than the looming Christmas countdown. Unfortunately I can’t simply pop back home for Christmas, not unless someone is willing to carpool over the Atlantic with me..any takers? No? So I guess I’m going to have to stave off the yule tide blues, time for a plan of action!

{I’m a bonafied Christmas junkie}

Untitled-3I feel it’s important for me to embrace the festive spirit, I’m a bonafied Christmas junkie, it’s an impossible addiction to kick. So instead of moping around, thinking I’ll just have to let Christmas pass me by I need to grab it by the tinsel wrapped horns and enjoy the crap out of it! I need to accept new Christmas traditions maybe introduce a few of my own to my surrogate American family. Introduce them to the joy of Morecambe and Wise as a way to say thank you for enlightening my tiny world with pumpkin pie, honestly I’d never tried it before!

mumdadAlso I solemnly swear to go nowhere near Facebook on Christmas day, that is just a guaranteed disaster, surely to reduce me to ugly cry into my egg nog. I need to stay strong, there will be Skype calls and those are going to be the real test. When I see my parents, my brother, my boyfriend and my in-laws I’ll take comfort in the fact that it won’t be too long till I get to see  them.

It’ll only be 18 days after Christmas that I’ll be flying back! With that in mind it’s time to pull my silly self together and enjoy the time I have left here with my friends, it’s been a wonderful trip and I’ve met a bunch of lovely new people. In fact we had a brilliant trip out to a Christmas tree farm (that was a first for me) to pick out a tree. It was a really special day and I’m sure it will always be a happy Christmas memory for me.

Merry Christmas everyone I hope you have a joyous day wether you’re celebrating alone, with friends or with family, I wish you all the best!


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