Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

The snow has been steadily falling here in Spokane for the past few days and I cannot begin to describe how excited it has made me!  I’ve sat patiently, longingly staring out of my bedroom window. Finally it stopped, leaving behind the most perfect and most crisp blanket of snow for me to build my masterpiece!


‘Anna Winter’ a snow lady I made in 2013.

After some nagging and whining I convinced my friend Joel to join my nobel pursuit. I then spent about half an hour waiting for him to ‘gear up’, I did try to remind him we were only venturing into the front garden not trying to scale Mount Kilimanjaro. At last we head outside, Joel choosing to shovel the drive instead of building a snowman with me, what a boring grown up. Luckily my ineptitude to do anything at all lead Joel to feel pity on my poor snowman building skills and he came to my rescue.


I must say I’m pretty proud of what we managed to achieve and very proud that all of our neighbours can see what massive nerds we are. EXTERMINATE!! Note the whisk and the plunger, taking snowmen to a whole new level!

Now if you’ll excuse me my legs are frozen solid and they need me to sit in front of the fire to defrost.




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