Come and Sit On My Lap

Your choice of outfit should be high priority when planning your Santa Clause photo, the tackier the better and it doesn’t get much tackier than the ugly Christmas jumper. There’s two routes to go with this quest, firstly there’s the amazon option, this is great if you’re looking to go down  a nerdy route, maybe sport a Star Wars of Game of Thrones Christmas sweater. Then there’s the option that I took, to hunt through thrift stores and find the most authentically grotesque Christmas jumper you could imagine. Let me tell you the thrift shops I hit had such a HUGE selection I found a lovely little number, its quite a unique jumper you see it’s made entirely out of steel wool!! I’ve never experienced such an itchy, scratchy, sent from the depths of hell item of clothing in my life! I’m still itching hours later! I decided to accessorise my lovely jumper with some sophisticated Wal-Mart flashing Christmas earrings.


Then it’s time to get in line, observe those around you. See these children in their little suits and their gelled down hair? They have nothing on your style. Well done you for planning ahead.

If having your photograph taken with loved ones or friends its a good idea that you use this time in line well. Discuss how you envision your Christmas photograph. Do you want to both look deliriously happy? Perhaps you can both pretend to be petrified of the bearded man and pull your most horrified faces. If you really want to step up your Santa photo then I suggest involving pets, unfortunately we didn’t have a cat to hand but if we had! Oh! Imagine how beautiful a photo we could’ve achieved.

Myself and Joel decided to go for the unbearably elated pose, we even got Santa to join in and I think we can all agree that the result was spectacular.

Merry Christmas everyone I hope you all had an amazing day with people you love.


P.S I was a little concerned by how insistent Santa was that we two grown people sit on his lap and not perch on the seat…


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