The English Girl in America

I’m spending a huge chunk of time in the States, I had a blast and I couldn’t help but notice a few things. Prepare yourself for all the GIFs.

The TV Will Hold You Hostage  At the end of a TV show they will immediately show the first two minuets of the next show. So just as your show is coming to an end and you think you’re going to get off the couch. BAM! Your sucked back in and before you know it you’ve watched the entire 3rd season of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. We were on a break!



Innuendo Everywhere. iHops advertising slogan is “now that’s a reason to come together over breakfast”. I laughed so hard, nobody else did, perhaps we’re a nation of filthy minds?



“Oh My Gosh I Love Your Accent” The biggest perk of being an English person in America. You can say anything and people will drool, you are no longer a fumbling weirdo. No. You are sophisticated, sexy sex god.



The Most Important Meal. You always knew you were a fan of breakfast but this nation..this wonderful grease filled nation has taken your breakfast expectations to a whole new level. Your life will be forever changed thanks to french toast cinnamon rolls with a side of hash browns and fried eggs.



My Own Kind! Normally you’re a complete recluse, your aim in life? Avoid all human contact. Now though, you hear an English accent in a crowd, you will hunt that sucker down and force them to converse about the Motherland.


And just as you’re getting the hang of everything you’re going home!


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