Spokane To Seattle.

After a few quick snaps in the photo booth and a solemn farewell, it’s time to leave Joel and leave Wall Street. Jump into an uber and nervously chatter away to the driver for fifteen minuets.


Drop off your bag at check in and fight the urge to happy dance celebrate that your luggage is miraculously under the weight limit. Fly through security, seriously this is the smoothest experience you have ever had with the TSA and before you know it your sat on the plane ready to go. BUT! Do not pat yourself on the back just yet. You see a woman coming down the aisle straight toward you with a TODDLER! There’s two empty seats next to you, “please, please no!” You mumble to yourself, pray as hard as you like but it won’t change the fact that she is coming to sit by you. She straps her child in and the small human immediately starts screaming. The horror. Just as you give up the will to live, a glowing heavenly creature approaches, a member of the cabin crew, “there’s nobody sitting in this chair in front, would you like to move here Miss so you can spread out a little?” He’s letting you move away from the two year old howling thing, this man is wonderful, would it be inappropriate to hug him? Probably yes, just say thank you and move.

As the plane departs you look out of the window and quietly say goodbye to snowy Spokane, a pang hits you in the stomach, your sad to leave a place you’ve called home for two months.

The flight is uneventful and you land in Seattle.

A quick run through baggage claim and security and you realise the evil fate which has befallen you. You’ve lost your phone, where the hell? How the hell?! You find wi-fi as quickly as you can to inform your boyfriend that you will not be able to tell him when you land because of this awful disaster. Panic subsides, you’ve moved on to acceptance, your phone is gone it’s time to move on. Go to duty free and buy a huge bag of Reeces Pieces to help you in your time of sorrow, stuff them into your mouth as you revoke your lost phones access to all your social media accounts. Unzip the pocket of your bag to store the few remaining Reeces Pieces and discover that your phone has been tucked in there safely all along. You are an idiot. Laugh out loud because you are an idiot, receive concerned looks by all in the departure lounge.


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