The Murica Quiz

As I enjoy the turbulence over Labrador sea I’m going to answer a series of questions my good
(American) friend Joel gave me before I left.

What will you miss most about America?

The people, I made so many new friends here and they’ve all left me with happy memories. It’s hard to face the fact that I’ll probably never see any of those people again.


What is the strangest American habit you witnessed?

How much blood lust there is in hockey, people were cheering for players as the fought. Hundreds of people screaming for more as two young boys beat each other around the head! I have to admit that I was one of them. It all felt so gladiatorial and barbaric. I enjoyed it way too much.


After spending nine whole weeks here, how does it feel to be leaving and going home?

It’s a very bitter sweet feeling. I’m so excited to be heading home, to my family, my friends and my boyfriend. I like to imagine my reunion with them and it makes me go all warm and fuzzy inside.

On the flip side I’m sad that this adventure is over, I’ve had so much fun and I’ve got to experience new things every single day.

bye hp.gif

Has this experience changed you in any way?

It has and I hope the changes stick. I feel much more confident, I feel like I can deal with stressful situations better. If I can go to the other side of the world on my own for nine weeks I don’t think there’s much I can’t do.


Do you have any tips for your fellow countrymen/women planning on traveling to America?

Learn the difference between a dime and a nickel.. I’m still not sure which is which, one is the five penny piece the other is ten. They’re really tricky to tell apart at a quick glance, one is just ever so slightly smaller than the other. I found that when at a till with a queue of people behind me I would look at those silly little coins, panic and just thrust a twenty dollar bill in the cashiers hand.


Last and not least. Now that you know how inferior the English really are to the Americans what will you do to cope?

…I’m not sure how I will drag my poor self out of bed for the first few mornings but I hope that in time the painful sensation of loss will subside. If only a little.

….Modesty isn’t a strong point of Joels’ ;P


P.S Thanks Joel for helping me kill an hour, 4 more to go..


5 thoughts on “The Murica Quiz

  1. I am going to be the same damn way with British coins. Lol I’ll try to study while I’m here but I’ll probably be just as confused as you. lol Glad you enjoyed the US!

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