Adulthood #winning

Becoming an adult is a long and complicated journey which, perhaps, never ends. In the same respect coming to the realisation that you are an adult isn’t straight forward either. It would be lovely if you woke one Sunday morning to find you’d received an official letter from the Government declaring that you, now, are an adult. You no longer require a grown up to supervise you near sharp things or hot things. Congratulations.

Instead of this one defining stand out moment of realisation I’ve found it’s a series of tiny little moments spread out over time.

Realising you missed you last check up at the dentist and ringing them up to make another appointment. Adulthood! 

Removing something from your USB drive correctly, no ‘disk was not ejected properly’ notice. Sensible!


Knowing the correct way to sign an e-mail. Kind regards, actual Adult. 

Ordering a healthy balanced, wholesome meal at a restaurant. Grown up! 


Not laughing when someones seat makes a fart noise. Nope! That’s still funny.

Paying your credit card before the payment is due. Fiscally Responsible!


Being stopped and asked for directions and actually helping instead of flailing your arms around claiming, “I can’t help, I’ve never been here before!” ….(you’ve lived here for six years.) Maturity! 

AND! The most important part is to do all of these little things and pretend as though it was nothing, be blasé about each one. Well at least in front of other people, if you’re home behind closed doors it’s perfectly acceptable to have a celebration dance for successfully following Nigella Lawson recipe.


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