The Planning Cult

I don’t know how I stumbled across the planner community but once I found myself there I couldn’t help but laugh and sneer at it all. Women spending hours upon hours decorating organisers, filling them out with every detail, every moment of their life. Days worth of youtube videos of people showing page layouts, washi tape, stickers, shelves upon shelves of pristine Filofaxes. I thought how terribly ridiculous this all is, what an utter waste of time and money..

Then something strange occurred, I started to admire the colour schemes, coo over decorative sticky notes and covet golden paper clips. I don’t know how it happened` my body was overcome with the need for ribbon, I started a Pinterest board full of floral dashboards, vintage inspired separators..SO MANY STICKERS.

I’d say I’ve gone to the dark side but there’s nothing dark about this bedazzled world. I’ve been absorbed by it’s colour coded pages and yes, I’ve ordered my own planner..I wish I was joking.




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