The Best Easter

Every so often I am lucky enough to have days that fill me with so much love I’m not sure my body can contain it! Yesterday was just such a day. We had first planned to join an egg hunt at Tredegar house but the weather forecast blew that plan away, rain, rain, rain. Instead I offered to throw a tea party and a mini egg hunt in our tiny cottage.

I spent all of Friday running around town getting supplies, decorations, cakes, prizes and anything else that caught my eye. I planned fun party games like pin the egg in the basket, egg races and guess how many eggs are in the jar!  Ossian, my nephew, is only three so I thought traditional clues for the egg hunt wouldn’t be much fun for him. Instead I opted to draw pictures of all the hiding places and filled each egg with a cute finger puppet!



The big day arrived! I decorated the cottage, laid the table full of lovely cakes and sandwiches and almost popped with joy when Ossian arrived dressed as the easter bunny!  We all filled ourselves up and began the hunt! Jonathan, my fiancé, helped Ossian find all the eggs seeing them together makes my heart melt. How did I make it through the day in one piece?! We all got to join in with the games and all had such a fun time.

Then a thing happened that made me feel such an overwhelming feeling that I have no idea how to describe it. The best I can do is liken it to the scene with the blind man in ‘Amelie’, after she has described everything to him and he fills with light which bursts from him. This is the one….

Anwho…After we had played all the games, I announced Ossian the winner and told him that he had won a prize! I presented him with some easter stickers and a big medal. His face light up with joy and amazement. He turned to me, beaming with pride and said, “I got a medal.”
So I told him, “yes, best you’re the best!”
He stared at his medal and whispered to it, “me the best.”
I’ve often been told that children grow with praise but I’d never seen such an astounding example of it before.


There we have it, my lovely Easter story, I hope you all have a had a wonderful Easter with people you love and gallons of chocolate!

ossian collage.jpg


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