A GOOD Morning.

After a horrific nights sleep I woke up this morning growling in response to my alarm. “No I’m not getting up at 6 to exercise and have a nutritious breakfast before work.” I lay in bed for another half hour grumbling and moaning at the birds outside, how dare they be so cheery in a morning! Eventually I dragged myself out of bed and after giving myself a good talking to I donned my comfiest gym wear and hopped onto my yoga mat.


My one stop place for yoga is always Yoga With Adrienne on Youtube, this morning was no different and I followed her video entitled, ‘Intro To Yin’. I had never tried (or heard of) Yin Yoga but it turned out to be exactly what I needed this morning. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQyX48NtDrQ It’s slow pace and easy going poses were the perfect cure for my foul mood and sleepy body. Near the end of the video as I lay on the floor feeling supported by the Earth, Adrienne said, “give thanks for your body”. I did just that and realised that I have no justification for feeling so annoyed at the start of my day. I am blessed with a body which, yes, may have it’s wobbly bits but works just fine. I have the love of a man who is kind and sweet. The support of friends who always make me laugh. A roof over my head and a kitchen full of food.

From now on I will try and face my mornings with positive vibes only and take stock of how lucky I am…even on the mornings I accidentally set my alarm two hours too early…


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