Falling From The 30th Floor

‘OK Sarah! Let go of the rails now,” easier said than done when you’re hanging 125m above Alexanderplatz. My knuckles turned white as I clung desperately onto the platform. Eventually I pried my fingers away and instead held tightly onto my harness. For a few moments I swayed suspended in the sky. I watched the […]

A GOOD Morning.

After a horrific nights sleep I woke up this morning growling in response to my alarm. “No I’m not getting up at 6 to exercise and have a nutritious breakfast before work.” I lay in bed for another half hour grumbling and moaning at the birds outside, how dare they be so cheery in a […]

The Planning Cult

I don’t know how I stumbled across the planner community but once I found myself there I couldn’t help but laugh and sneer at it all. Women spending hours upon hours decorating organisers, filling them out with every detail, every moment of their life. Days worth of youtube videos of people showing page layouts, washi […]

Adulthood #winning

Becoming an adult is a long and complicated journey which, perhaps, never ends. In the same respect coming to the realisation that you are an adult isn’t straight forward either. It would be lovely if you woke one Sunday morning to find you’d received an official letter from the Government declaring that you, now, are […]