Falling From The 30th Floor

‘OK Sarah! Let go of the rails now,” easier said than done when you’re hanging 125m above Alexanderplatz. My knuckles turned white as I clung desperately onto the platform. Eventually I pried my fingers away and instead held tightly onto my harness. For a few moments I swayed suspended in the sky. I watched the […]

Vegas. What The F….?

There’s something about the glowing bulbs and 1,500 foot long TV screen of Fremont Street that summons the mentally unstable. I’m not referring to those who chose to queue for three hours to hurl themselves down a zip line. Nor those who eat at Heart Attack Grill under threat of spanking if they fail to […]

Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

The snow has been steadily falling here in Spokane for the past few days and I cannot begin to describe how excited it has made me!  I’ve sat patiently, longingly staring out of my bedroom window. Finally it stopped, leaving behind the most perfect and most crisp blanket of snow for me to build my […]